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Sep 23, 2018

Hello everyone! It has been a little over a week in anime that Stephen and I had to catch up on, so we just added an extra episode to all of the summer simulcast anime's to review in this weeks podcast.


1 more episode to go on Asobi Asobase & Harukana Receive,...

Sep 16, 2018

Summer is slowly coming to an end and we are approaching the final acts on a couple summer animes.

Angels of death is getting a bit weird, harukana takes a break from the ecchi and Bananafish is hands down the king of sexual inuendo's.

Quite an interesting week of anime and not to mention one of the best from Asobi...

Sep 4, 2018

In today's cast I am joined by Bin and we talk over the big three anime this season which are Stein's Gate :0, My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan.

So SG and AOT reaaaalllyy hurt our brains with all the speculation and deep thinking it's made us do over the past couple episodes! Meanwhile MHA throws a wonderful filler...