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Aug 10, 2018

This weeks roundup I am joined by Stephen and we go continue with this podcast with all the new anime series this summer.

We have finally dropped watching Hanebado, sad to say, but it just was not doing it for either of us. The pacing was too slow and a bit over the place.

We then picked up Bananafish in it's place in all of its homoerotica. Jokes aside it does touch on some serious issues and have a pretty interesting story line. Something we look forward to as the next week passes.

Harukana Receive , we don't find a common ground. One says its amazing the other says it's absolutely boring. But who said what will surprise you.

Cells at work is just letting us down time and time again with more education and less action and story. Also, surprisingly enough, Asobi Asobase just didn't live up to expectation this week. Too many butt jokes but we'll let them have one pass.

Finishing off with Angels of Death, my oh my. It's getting very interesting very quick with the introduction of a new villain and more backstory on Zack and why he is the killer today. Rachel should know not to lie to someone who clearly is now affectionate towards her.

Tune in and hear all the twists and turns of this weeks Weabros anime podcast!