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Aug 3, 2018

I am rejoined by BIN and we discuss the BIG 3 2018 Summer anime which are Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and Stein's Gate, 0. 

So much going on this summer! Season 3 of AOT and MHA are just extremely lit!

We dive down and discuss all the fun exciting parts of the new tournament style elimination test as we get to see all the improvements of the UA students who now have all of their ultimate moves and are trying to be certified heroes.

We get taken back into the wild west in AOT and learn more about Levi and his past. The animation on this one is just simply beautiful. Plus some extra subtle key information that just boggle our brains!

Steins Gate Zero gives us a break with this episode and I don't think were going to get another friendly episode like this for the remaining of the season.

Lots of fun in this cast and lots to look forward to with the Big 3 Anime of this summer. Tune in !